Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Is Prakash LED light truly eco-friendly?

Let me mark it by points.
  1. No loss of energy in the form of heat.
  2. All directional lights always waste some energy. LED lighting is mono-directional.
  3. Less requirement of electricity – leads to less production in national level.
  4. Savings on natural resources – whatever be the generation process, surely we are converting some form of energy to electricity.
  5. Indirect savings: Perfect example is reduction in cooling cost – air conditioners for example.
  6. Longer life leads to reduction of environmental impact. Impact during manufacturing, packaging and shipping.
  7. Contains no mercury. Mercury from scrap of CFLs seeps into water supply and adversely affect sea life, and people who eat it.

So, be environment conscious and use Prakash LED.

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